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1. Please see our note about postage and packing on the "ORDERS" page.

2. Our latest CD, "A Treble's Voice", is available from this website and from some independent retailers around the UK. Featuring twenty wonderful and varied tracks, Oliver Barton's musicality shines through and makes this a stunning disc, which has been a great success.

For a full track listing of this CD please go to our "CDs" page via the options on the left sidebar.

3. "Organ Masterworks from St Albans" has been a real triumph of the genre. Four of Liszt´s minor works are sandwiched between two of the greatest works in the repertoire - the mighty "Sonata on the 94th Psalm" by Julius Reubke and Liszt´s original version of his brilliant Prelude on "B A C H".

This recording received its first formal review from Paul Hale, who was for ten years editor of "Organist's Review" and is one of the best-known names in Europe in the field of organ building. And what a review it was!

"Tom Winpenny's performance is outstanding..." says Mr Hale. "Listeners will be amazed at the sounds which so vividly bring this music alive. A "must-have" if ever there were one."

Please see our "Future Projects" page for info on things in the pipeline...
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For a Youtube video (5'32") of Lloyd Buck, who played Alkan's music for our last, internationally successful piano release, at work in the recording studio, playing the second of Alkan's "Three Romantic Andantes" - one of Alkan's own favourites and an absolute gem - please click the button on the right. >>>>>>




In all that Amemptos does, it aims to produce something unique - a little bit different from what has gone before.

Our first, internationally successful CD, “Words of Comfort, Music of Peace” achieved this aim by the very fact that such a project had never before been realised.

Our second CD, “350 Years of Organ Masterworks”, containing a unique programme of some of the greatest organ works ever composed, was released in December 2007 and has already received much acclaim from all who love to hear "the king of instruments" - as well as a stunning review from international concert organist Roger Fisher.

Our third CD, released towards the end of November 2008, contains 23 tracks of new choral music, never or very rarely performed before. Resulting from a process that took nearly two years, the CD will delight all lovers of great music and contains many gems of stunningly lovely works.

Our fourth CD features the most wonderful, rarely heard piano music by Ukrainian genius Sergei Bortkiewicz, played on Rachmaninov's own piano by the young virtuoso Lloyd Buck.

Our fifth CD was a venture into the world of Folk Music, and resulted in a live "in situ" recording of a great variety of instrumental and vocal music from Britain and Ireland.

Our sixth project was a recording of a selection of piano music by Charles Alkan, including hitherto unrecorded works and a "straight take" chance recording of  the phenomenal "Scherzo Focoso"... !

Our seventh was the outstanding organ CD with Tom Winpenny at St Albans playing Liszt and Reubke.

Our eighth and latest CD featured the glorious treble voice of Oliver Barton, and had now sold all over the world to great acclaim.

More details of all our recordings are provided on the "CDs" page, which we invite you to look at: simply click the link on the left.

Being small and independent, Amemptos has the luxury, above all, of time: time to think, time to plan, time to discuss, time to try things out without accountants breathing down our necks! – and time to get things right. We'll do our best to make sure that all our future recordings are unique and special - and of the highest musical quality.

Details of forthcoming projects are found on the "Future Projects" page - see links on left.

Amemptos Music is based in the Peak District of Derbyshire, England, U.K.

The glorious header photograph above of Ladybower Reservoir near Bamford, Derbyshire, was taken by Boguslaw Kupisinski, Shipley, Yorkshire. (Agency: Dreamstime)


Our first CD, "Words of Comfort", recorded in 2006 in the ancient quire of Southwell Minster with its world-class choir of boys and men, has now been sent to every continent in the world, from the far north of Canada, through the Americas, Scandinavia, continental Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, Asia, China and Japan to Australia and New Zealand.

The glorious Norman nave at Southwell Minster, looking towards the quire screen from the west door, with the quire organ clearly seen.

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